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The QUANTUM GEFM was designed to meet stringent requirements for easy placement, installation and commissioning. It is extremely compact , with a footprint of less than half a square metre. The QUANTUM GEFM can easily be safely transported to the installation location by two people, since the batteries are fitted separately.

No expensive special tools are necessary for the installation process. An electrician can simply slide the battery modules into the enclosure and join them with plug-and-socket connectors – no screwdriver necessary. The battery modules also interface to the rest of the system through connectors. That saves time and minimizes installation effort. The  external power meters are simply connected to the distribution board.


The modular design of the QUANTUM GEFM allows it to be adapted easily to individual needs. It is available with various storage capacities and configurations, and it can be upgraded at a later date.

SONICK Battery Inside

The Grid Edge Quantum is a smart energy storage solution

that uses a rechargeable Sodium Nickel battery technology

designed to store energy at a residential or small commercial level for

load shifting, backup power and self-consumption of solar power generation.

The Quantum GEFM unit combines seamlessly with nearly every situation

and can even integrate with the local grid to harness excess power.

This gives customers the flexibility to draw energy from their own reserve

Plug and play Clean energy storage systems to solar power Australia
Battery recommended operating temperature comparison

A carefully conceived complete system for plug & play installation


All components are integrated into the sturdy, high-quality QUANTUM GEFM cabinet to form a complete, ready-to-install system. This avoids placing the burden of system selection and integration on the installers – they are not put in the role of manufacturer or forced to assume responsibility for the proper interplay of the selected components and the associated risk with respect to their customers.


The system also eliminates the costly effort of complicated wiring. Simply connect the QUANTUM GEFM to the photovoltaic system, the household electrical network and the household LAN or WiFi for monitoring, and it's ready to use.


Full system monitoring, including detailed load profiles and operating states of the QUANTUM GEFM, are easily made externally. If any problem does arise, the responsible Grid Edge centre first performs an online analysis. If the problem cannot be remedied online even before the customer notices it, the Grid Edge centre then despatches a local service technician, regardless of whether or not the customer has noticed the problem. This also means that external software maintenance and updates are equally possible.

SoNick battery characteristics

Operating Temp

-20°C to +60°C


Sodium Nickel Chloride battery
SoNick battery characteristics

No fire risk

Sodium Nickel Chloride battery

Perfect interaction with all generators


As an AC-coupled system, the QUANTUM GEFM is compatible with virtually all generators. An obvious application is retrofitting to an existing photovoltaic system, but it can also be used with small wind turbines or fuel cells. That's truly superior application versatility!

SoNick battery characteristics

End of life recycle program in place.

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